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The Special Homeowner Policy, also known as the HO-3 insurance plan, is a kind of homeowner's policy that covers policyholders from property damage, legal liabilities, and other costs connected with unforeseeable calamities that strike their house.

The majority of insurers' regular homeowner's insurance product is a variation of an HO-3 policy, commonly known as an open perils policy since it insures dwellings against all hazards save against expressed in the policy written documents. However, customers should always research insurance before purchasing to ensure they completely grasp the policy's extent of coverage.

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Additionally referred to as a homeowner policy special form, the HO-3 policy is the most prevalent house insurance policy on the market. What distinguishes an HO-3 policy from plans with more restricted coverage is that it includes HO-1 and HO-2 policies. In that way, the HO-3 policy, aka Special Homeowner Insurance, covers your home against all risks unless they are expressly excluded. This is called open perils coverage, and peril is defined as any danger or source of loss to your house.

An HO-3 only covers personal property damage on a listed perils basis. This implies that the cause of the damage must be indicated clearly on the HO-3 form for your insurance to cover you.

HO-3 plans are primarily based on home insurance policy forms developed first by Insurance Services Office (ISO), a corporation that offers insurance industry data and consulting services. Meanwhile, the fact that insurance is based on the ISO HO-3 standard does not ensure that it complies with those rules precisely, nor do various insurers provide identical coverage in their particular HO-3 policies. To make sure you won't fall into the loops and complexities of the Insurance language, you must always take the advice of a Professional Public Adjuster.

Consumers should always review a potential policy with an All Claim Adjuster consultant to ensure they understand the policy's extent of coverage completely.

Special homeowners insurance policies cover Which sorts of incidents?

HO-3 plans cover a wide range of occurrences and provide crucial financial protection against a number of calamities. While an HO-3 policy's primary purpose is to cover property damage, it also covers legal liabilities, the expenses of living outside your house during an emergency, and injuries.

Special Homeowners Insurance plans provide coverage for home damage.

The fundamental goal of homeowners insurance in the HO-3 special form is to protect your residence. Being insured implies that your insurance carrier will compensate you for damage to the residence – the foundation of your house — up to the policy limits. HO-3 plans cover a range of typical hazards that may affect your house, and any perils that are specifically excluded from coverage must be stated in the policy.

The following are some of the most often encountered house insurance hazards. Almost often, HO-3 insurance covers these items and a variety of others.

The most often reported insurance hazards:

  • Strong winds and hail

  • Damage caused by water and freezing

  • Theft

  • Lightening and fire

While insurers' HO-3 insurance plan exclusions vary, a particular range of risks is nearly always excluded from basic HO-3 special forms. While flood and earthquake damage are the most obvious examples. Property owners must always examine their HO-3 form carefully to see which occurrences are excluded from coverage.

Perils that are generally excluded from homeowners insurance policy HO-3:

  • Seizure, destruction, or order to reconstruct following construction rules by the government

  • Earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides are all examples of earth movements.

  • a breakdown in the electrical system 

  • Owner oblivion

  • Conflict and nuclear dangers

Dwelling coverage also includes coverage for extra buildings on your land, often up to 10% of total limits. This implies that you will be insured to a certain degree for constructions located outside your house but on your lands, such as fences and frameless garages.

Personal property damage is covered under HO-3 coverage

While Special Homeowners insurance protects your home against open dangers, personal property is often covered against designated perils. This implies that your personal goods — clothing, furniture, and appliances— are insured exclusively for the risks specified in your HO-3 policy.

Standard Special Homeowners insurance will often include many, if not all, of the above-mentioned dangers. Effectively, your personal property is also protected from the most prevalent forms of risks that might occur in a house. However, specified perils coverage is inherently less comprehensive than open perils coverage. You should ensure that you go through all of the listed risks before getting insurance to ensure that you are completely insured.

Additionally, homeowners should be aware that many kinds of personal possessions — particularly high-value objects — are only protected up to certain sub-limits under HO-3 insurance plans. Sub-limit items are only insured for damage or theft up to the amount specified in the sub-limit.

Special Homeowners Insurance plans cover liability fees and the cost of living in a different location.

HO-3 homeowners insurance protects you against many extra expenditures associated with your house that is not directly tied to your physical property. Personal responsibility, loss of use, and medical expenses are all common coverages.

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Personal liability coverage is the most critical of these remaining elements. This coverage reimburses you for expenditures incurred as a result of physical damage to the property for which you seem to be legally accountable, including legal representation in court by the insurer's choice of counsel. Regular HO-3 insurance covers $100,000 in liability coverage, but homeowners may often expand this amount by thousands of dollars – at a very low cost — if they want. 

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Finally, HO-3 insurance provides coverage for a restricted number of medical expenses. This covers medical expenses if someone is injured on your property or is harmed by your dogs. This coverage is not linked to legal liability and only reimburses a portion of basic medical expenses. The policyholder determines the coverage limitations for medical costs, which are often limited to a few thousand dollars.

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